Our talents.
We speak your language and know your business challenges.

Our talents are in strategic communication for safety, talking to a decentralised and diverse workforce, or responding to project/contract scrutiny from unions, politicians, media or the local community.

Work with a communication consultant that understands your needs.

A safety culture

We know that the most important part of your business is your team and always improving on the safety culture.

From LTIFR to TRIFR, toolbox talks and safety leadership, we understand and can help you create the behavioural change for a safer workplace.

Dealing with intense scrutiny

Major infrastructure and engineering projects equals scrutiny! From the public, the local community, the media to politicians and even your own staff wanting to know what you are doing and whether what’s being reported in the newspaper is true.

We can help you tackle the scrutiny, engage with your key audiences and get the story out of front page news.

Your workforce

It’s decentralised with a mix of both blue collar and white collar workers working across multiple operations or projects.

We know that getting them to hear your message can be a challenge. Not everyone is online.

We have the experience and the tools to effectively communicate with teams like this and capture their feedback, which may surprise you and change your business strategy.

Union pressure

Unions are expert communicators. From the CFMEU to the ASU, we have helped many organisations respond to union communications in the midst of enterprise bargaining agreements.

We can help you craft and distribute the messages that could change the result.

The infrastructure sector

Greenfield, brownfield, DBOs, BOOs, BOOTs, O&M – every project is different and we know what communication is required.

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Our talents

We speak your language
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